URUMUN 2022 will be Aprill the 22th until the 24th

URUMUN is the official Model United Nations of Urios, a study association of international and european law at Utrecht University, one of The Netherlands most prestigious Universities.
This year, the team is working hard once more to bring you yet another great, lively and fruitful MUN. With a brand new focus on what lies ahead, we from the Organizing Committee can not wait to meet, and debate, with all of you.


URUMUN has officially opened it’s Delegate applications! Come join us for a price of 65 euros. Click here for more information


Read up on the issues and committees that will be discussed during URUMUN 2022

Our team

Meet the team that brings you URUMUN 2022

This MUN will be held in the beautiful city of Utrecht, with it’s many canals, bars, restaurants and bikes, this bustling metropolis’ charm is only rivalled by the immense accesibility it has. With Utrecht central boasting dozens of public transport options to and from many nearby cities.

Cancellation Policies, COVID-19 and it’s effect on URUMUN

URUMUN Visa Regulations