These are considered to be our ‘beginner’ committees. Delegates who are either inexperienced or looking for a slightly more relaxed time are recommended to either of these committees.

North Atlantic Committee

  • Discussing distinct uses of Artificial Intelligence in armed conflicts
  • Revising article 13; Evaluating NATO exit policies
  • Chair: TBA
  • Deputy Chair: TBA


These are our ‘advanced’ committees. Delegates looking for more of a challenge are recommended either of these committees.

UN Security Council

  • Discussing Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
  • The issue of governmental abuse of foreign conflict for national political gain within the context of international politics
  • Chair: TBA
  • Deputy Chair: TBA


This are our expert committees, for highly experienced, highly motivated delegates only!

International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea

  • Topic: The Aegean Sea dispute
  • Chair: Maria Lucia Steinvorth
  • Deputy Chair: Jan Heimrich

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