Discover Utrecht

Utrecht has been rated one of the ‘world’s most unsung places’ by travel guide Lonely Planet. And we agree! Utrecht is often overlooked by tourists who are visiting the bigger cities in the Netherlands. But Utrecht is definitely worth a visit too! Here are some of the many beautiful places you should explore when in Utrecht.

A main meeting point in Utrecht is Neude. Here you will find several bars, pubs and the old Post Office. The Neude is within walking distance from Utrecht Central Station and Janskerkhof.
(Neude, 3512 AG Utrecht)

You cannot miss out the Dom Square, where the Dom Tower and Dom Church are located. Also the famous University building, the Academiegebouw, is located on this square. After wandering around, or your climb to the top of the tower, you can sit down and enjoy a drink or some food at one of the pubs on the square!
(Achter de Dom 1, 3512 JN Utrecht)

Utrecht is known in the world for its canals, which are very different from those of any other city. Its medieval wharfs lining the canals were originally built to create an inner-city harbour system. This way, boats could directly dock and unload their cargo onto the wharfs. The wharf cellars served as storage space. Nowadays, the wharfs are full of restaurants and waterside terraces. For a beautiful view on the canals, take a walk all the way along the Oudegracht.
(Oudegracht, 3511 AN Utrecht)

If you start your walk along the Oudegracht at the northern part of the canal, you will end at the Twijnstraat, which is the oldest shopping street of Utrecht. Here you will find many cosy cafes, good restaurants, fancy winebars, small fashion boutiques and biological supermarkets. Also, the first packaging-free supermarket of the Netherlands recently opened its doors at this street. The Twijnstraat is located in the Museum District. In this area, in between all the small medieval houses, you will find Utrecht’s most famous museums.
(Twijnstraat, 3511 ZG Utrecht)

To admire Utrecht’s Roman and medieval architecture, visit the City Hall (Korte Minrebroederstraat 2, 3512 GG Utrecht) City Castle Oudaen (Oudegracht 99, 3511 AE Utrecht) and the German House (Geertebolwerk 1, 3511 AX Utrecht). 

Near Utrecht Central Station, Tivoli Vredenburg is situated: a unique venue built for all kinds of entertainment. The large modern music palace harbors halls with perfect acoustics for different music styles. It also has several cafes and bars and a restaurant, which make it the perfect place for a night out.
(Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC, Utrecht)