Kevin Chen

Hi! My name is Kevin Chen and I’m currently 22 years old. I was born in the Netherlands but I have a Chinese heritage. The first time I participated in a MUN I was only 14 years old and immediately I fell in love with the debates, the topics and of course the parties! Ever since then I’ve been an active member in the MUN community. Sadly during the last couple of year I wasn’t able to participate in any MUNs due to my studies. Currently I’m writing my dissertation for my bachelor’s degree in Law. Furthermore, I’m also busy with my bachelor’s degree in medicine. With over 20 MUNs as delegate and almost 10 MUNs as chair, I hope to invigorate the weekend of URUMUN. Having fun, meeting new people and learning/developing skills are the key aspects of a MUN. Therefore, I will be emphasizing these areas within the DISEC. I wish you much fun and don’t be afraid to approach me and ask me questions.

Katinka Kirchner

Hello! My name is Katinka and I’m going to be vice-chairing the DISEC committee at URUMUN this pic-katinka-kirchneryear; something I’m looking very much forward to considering the current political climate. Presently, I’m studying Global Sustainability Science at Utrecht University as well as administration, politics and sociology as long distance programme. My interests are set very broadly as long as they keep focused internationally. I have been involved with MUN since I was 13 and have attended conferences around Europe, where I could gain experiences in different positions. I can’t wait to be back into MUN in November! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all, no matter how big or small I am always happy to help.