How to get to Utrecht

How to get to Utrecht? Easy! You either go by train, car or bus .


All stop trains and intercity trains stop in Utrecht. The railway station of Utrecht is just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport! International trains daily arrive and depart from Utrecht Central station. For example the trip from Brussels will take you only 2 hours, and going to Paris will take 3,5 hours. There is also a regular ICE train between Frankfurt/Cologne/Dusseldorf and Amsterdam which makes a stop at Utrecht central. A daily service to and from Basel in Switzerland is also available. In addition, all the night train”sleeper” services to and from Amsterdam (Basel/Zurich/Munich/Berlin/ Copenhagen/ Prague/ Warsaw) make a stop in Utrecht. Two times a day a coach service departs from London Victoria, one during the day and one during the night.

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If you travel by car just follow the signs to centrum from the Ring Utrecht and you’ll be in the city centre in no time. It is advisable to stay on the main roads as long as possible, since driving to residential areas and neighbourhoods can be quite slow. Note that parking rates in the city centre are expensive.


When you fly to the Netherlands it is advisable to book a flight to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, since this airport is just a 30 minute train ride away from Utrecht central station and the rails are directly at the airport.You can also fly to Rotterdam Airport The Hague (1,5 hours of travel to Utrecht), to Eindhoven (1,5 hours of travel to Utrecht) or Maastricht (2,5 hours of travel).


When you are from the South of the Netherlands, you can also take the bus! The domestic intercity bus (services 400/401 run by Veolia) travels between Utrecht and the southern city of Breda. This journey will take you approximately 80 minutes. Busses arrive at the central station.


Please be aware that if you are not a resident of the Schengen area, you are in need of a VISA to visit the Netherlands!