How to get to Utrecht and around

Getting to Utrecht


Please be aware that if you are not a resident of the Schengen area, you are in need of a VISA to visit the Netherlands. If you need an official invitation letter in order to obtain your VISA, the URUMUN team is more than willing to issue one! Do not hesitate to contact us.

Getting to Utrecht by train

As Utrecht is located in the centre of the Netherlands, it is easy to reach the city by train. Utrecht has a direct train connection to most major Dutch cities. You can’t reserve seats in Dutch trains. You can take a seat anywhere you want, but take into account that with a 2nd class ticket, you are not allowed to take a seat in 1st class carriages.

From (Amsterdam) Schiphol Airport, trains to Utrecht depart every 15 minutes and take about 30 minutes. The Schiphol train station is based directly underneath the airport. From Eindhoven Airport, you need to take a bus to Eindhoven Station. From there, trains to Utrecht take about 50 minutes and depart every 15 minutes.

Keep in mind that trains depart less frequently after midnight.

Getting to Utrecht by car

If you travel by car, just follow the signs to ‘Centrum’ from the ‘Ring Utrecht’ and you will be in the city centre in no time. It is advisable to stay on the main roads as long as possible, since driving in residential areas and neighbourhoods can be very busy and slow. Note that parking rates in the city centre are expensive.

A cheaper option is to park your car at one of the P+R parking facilities. A combination ticket costs € 5,-. This includes a full day of parking and public transport to and from the city centre for up to five persons. At present, there are four P+R facilities on the outskirts of Utrecht.

P+R Transferium Westraven
Griffioenlaan 1 bis
3526 LA Utrecht
P+R Westraven is located conveniently along the A12 motorway. Take Exit 17 and follow the signs to this P+R facility.
From P+R Westraven you can take bus 77 (in the direction of Bilthoven) or bus 74 (in the direction of Zeist) directly to Janskerkhof.

P+R Papendorp
3528 BL Utrecht
P+R Papendorp is a good place to park if you are travelling to Utrecht on either the A2 or A12 motorway. Travelling on the A12 take Exit 16 (Nieuwegein/ Papendorp) and follow the signs to this P+R facility.
From P+R Papendorp you can take several busses to Utrecht Central Station.

P+R Uithof
Uppsalalaan 7
3584 CT Utrecht
If you are entering the city from the A28 motorway you can travel quickly and easily to Utrecht city centre via P+R De Uithof. Take Exit 2 and follow the signs to this P+R facility.
From P+R Uithof you can take bus 28 (in the direction of Vleuterweide) directly to Janskerkhof.

P+R Leidsche Rijn
3543 KG Utrecht
P+R Leidsche Rijn is located conveniently along the A2 motorway. Take Exit 7 and follow the signs to this P+R facility.
From P+R Leidsche Rijn you can take bus 7 (in the direction of Voordorp) directly to Janskerkhof.

Getting to Utrecht by plane

When you fly to the Netherlands it is advisable to book a flight to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, since this airport is just a 30 minute train ride away from Utrecht Central Station and the rails are directly at the airport. You can also fly to Rotterdam The Hague Airport (1,5 hours of travel to Utrecht), to Eindhoven (1,5 hours of travel to Utrecht) or Maastricht (2,5 hours of travel).

Getting to Utrecht by bus

When you travel from the south of the Netherlands, you can also take the bus! The domestic intercity bus (services 400/401 run by Veolia) travels between Utrecht and the southern city of Breda. This journey will take you approximately 80 minutes. Busses arrive at the central station.

If you travel from other European countries, Flixbus is worth having a look at. They offer relatively cheap and comfortable bus rides.

Getting around in Utrecht

All locations of the conference and the socials will be at walking distance from Janskerkhof. Janskerkhof is located in the very center of Utrecht, 1,2 km away from Utrecht Central Station. Don’t feel like walking? You can either rent a bike and get around Utrecht as a real Dutchie, or take a bus.


If you are in possession of a personal OV-card (a Dutch public transport card) you can rent an OV-fiets (OV-bike) at several points in Utrecht. The rental price of an OV-fiets is €3.85 per 24 hours. This rate applies for the first 72 hours of rental. Be aware that you have to register for OV-fiets and that you have to load a free OV-fiets season ticket onto your card, before you can rent a bike. See the OV-fiets website for more information.

If you are not in possession of a personal OV-card, it’s easier to rent a bike at a regular bike rental:

Black Bikes
Vredenburg 29
3511 BC Utrecht

Willemstraat 22
3511 RK Utrecht

Both bike rentals are at walking distance from Utrecht Central Station.


Janskerkhof is easy to reach by bus. From Utrecht Central Station, busses 2 (in the direction of Museumkwartier), 7 (in the direction of Voordorp), 8 (in the direction of Wilhelminapark), 50 (in the direction of Wageningen), 50 (in the direction of Veenendaal), 51 (in the direction of Driebergen-Zeist), 53 (in the direction of Zeist), 55 (in the direction of Maartensdijk), 74 (in the direction of Zeist) and 77 (in the direction of Bilthoven) travel directly to Janskerkhof. A single-way ticket costs €2,70 and it can be bought from the driver with cash.

You can find all public transport connections and timetables at or you can download the 9292 app.


If you are planning on taking more bus- and/or trainrides during the conference, it is recommended to buy an anonymous OV-chipcard at one of the NS ticket machines. You can recognise these NS ticket machines by the blue illuminated sign displaying the NS logo on top of the machine. There is at least one of these machines at every Dutch train station. The cost of an anonymous OV-chipcard is €7,50. Afterwards, you can top up the balance on your OV-chipcard and use it for all bus- and trainrides.