Our hard working and dedicated staff

Louisa Handel-Mazzetti
Secretary General

Hi! I’m Louisa and I am the Secretary General this year (-:
I am a fervent MUN lover and have represented many dictatorships over the years: which might explain how my committee members see me (just kidding). I love doing a little bit of everything and have even started crocheting this last quarantine sesh of COVID. I would to meet all of you guys and see how you solve the issues we found 🙂
Most favorite mun moment:
Threatening to nuke Russia

Casper Olivier van Wetten
Code Monkey

Hi, I’m Casper, I’m goofy and tend to not take things too seriously. I am here because, despite the fact that its costing me quite sometime and effort, I really do love debating. Talking and just the entire MUN experience it’s something very special, and I’d love to continue doing it! 🙂
My biggest fear?
Honestly, I have this recurring dream where I wake up, but then as a donut, and I just start eating myself. I don’t even question it, I’m incredibly delicious and only wake up after I realise that, shit, I just ate my own sprinkels.

Laura Zalme
Head of catering and finances

Hello! my name is Laura! I’m one of the committees of the URUMUN of this year. I live in Rotterdam, I am now a second-year Laws student at Utrecht University. My hobbies are reading and gaming, I also like to hang out with friends a lot (if the pandemic allows me). What inspired me to join the MUN committee is that the United Nations is now more important than ever. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misunderstanding about the United Nations about what they do. This is why I think URUMUN is a great opportunity to reintroduce the UN to people from all over the world again!

Ekaterina Mazharova
Head of content

Hi! I am Kati and I am a “content creator” for a reason – from a young age, I’ve been particularly curious about philosophy, foreign affairs, conflicts, globalization, and humanitarian disasters. Due to this unstoppable interest, I decided to begin my career in law and still believe it is the profession that suits my character the most, for the same reason I joined URIOS as MUN Committee. Currently, I am specializing in Human Rights. After all, I am an idealist and (still) viewed the law as a gateway to justice, humanity, and compassion!! My favorite thing about URIOS? International environment and passionate people! So welcome aboard!!

Anne-Solaine Kooijman
Head of external affairs

Hi! I’m Anne-Solaine and I feel privileged to call myself a member of the URIOS MUN Committee. I’m a rookie when it comes to MUN. Therefore, i’m looking forward to participating in upcoming MUN’s and be part of a community that cares about the things that really matter. Together we can make a difference. I’m happy when everyone else is happy and I like to do whatever I can to get to that point. However, I do not fear a strong debate to get there. I’m eager to find groundbreaking solutions together for so-called impossible to solve issues. Hope to see you soon!