These are the dedicated and hard working people bringing your URUMUN 2022


Secretary General

Hello! my name is Laura! I’m one of the committees of the URUMUN of this year. I live in Rotterdam, I am now a second-year Laws student at Utrecht University. My hobbies are reading and gaming, I also like to hang out with friends a lot (if the pandemic allows me). What inspired me to join the MUN committee is that the United Nations is now more important than ever. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misunderstanding about the United Nations about what they do. This is why I think URUMUN is a great opportunity to reintroduce the UN to people from all over the world again!


Deputy Secretary General

Hi, I’m Casper, I’m goofy and tend to not take things too seriously. I am here because, despite the fact that its costing me quite sometime and effort, I really do love debating. Talking and just the entire MUN experience it’s something very special, and I’d love to continue doing it! 🙂 My biggest fear? Honestly, I have this recurring dream where I wake up, but then as a donut, and I just start eating myself. I don’t even question it, I’m incredibly delicious and only wake up after I realise that, shit, I just ate my own sprinkels.


Head of External Affairs

Hey there! My name is Irene and I’m from Spain. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Law and I am studying a LLM in Public International Law at the UU. I love reading and travelling and I am a bit obsessed with stationary and journaling. I joined the MUN Committee as a way to meet new people from all around the globe and because I am a believer that the United Nations holds a very important place in the world we live in.


Activity Manager

Hello! My name is Rebeca! I am a Brazilian living in Utrecht to attend the LLM EU Law at Utrecht University.

I believe that everyone has the potential to make the world better. Joining the URUMUN committee signifies an opportunity to bring a positive impact to society.
What motivated me was the chance that URIOS gives us to build a network of young, driven, and forward-thinking people.
In my personal life, I love socializing, cooking, and everything related to animals.


Event Coordinator

Hi there! My name is Tamara and I’m from Curaçao. I am a Master’s student in Public International Law at UU and follow the specialization track in Human Rights. I enjoy cooking and painting and when I have the opportunity I love to go on hiking trips and feel connected with nature! I am a firm believer of equal opportunities and I enjoy raising awareness of current global issues affecting societies. Therefore I decided to join the URUMUN Committee because it enables an environment in which different views and perspectives are exchanged and allows us to work towards a common goal despite of diverse backgrounds. Joining URUMUN therefore does not only provide a great network basis but also enhances diplomacy and communication skills, a great step to realizing your dreams!


Head of Financial affairs

Hello! My name is Hannah, I’m studying Public international law, and since I’m very interested in the oceans, the environment and sustainability, I naturally chose this specialization. I love being outside and doing (a lot) of different sports, while discovering new landscapes. I joined the URUMUN Comitee because intercultural and international communication as well as the exchange of ideas are crucial for me. The URUMUN allows people from everywhere to meet and think about international issues and possible solutions as well as to feel involved in the construction of our world.