URUMUN Secretariat 2018-2019

From left to right: Myrthe de Vries – USG, Alexandre van den Hoven – Secretary General, Ildikó Kincses – USG, Taner Kuru – USG (not on the picture: Lotte van Kessel – Treasurer).


Alexandre van den Hoven – Secretary General

Hi everyone!

My name is Alexandre van den Hoven and I am 27 years old. This year I have the honour and pleasure to be the Model United Nations Commissioner of the 38th board of Urios and thus the Secretary General of URUMUN 2019. Last year I graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a Bachelor in Laws (LL.B.) during which I completed an exchange semester at the University of Helsinki in Finland. From September 2018 I am following the Master Constitutional and Administrative Law (LL.M.) at the University of Amsterdam.

Together with the other members of the Secretariat I have the honour to organise the fourth edition of Urios’ own MUN conference in Utrecht: URUMUN. The thing I like about MUNs is that it combines the fields of international law, international relations and debating and gives you the chance to meet and connect with students from all over the world.

If you have any questions concerning URUMUN, feel free to contact me at I hope to see you at the 7th of June in Utrecht to attend URUMUN 2019!


Myrthe de Vries – USG


My name is Myrthe de Vries. I’m 24 years old and at the moment I’m doing the master European Law at Utrecht University. Before doing this master, I finished the bachelor International Studies at the University of Leiden. I’m almost finished with the master’s degree in International Relations, specialization European Union Studies, at Leiden. After this year, I hope to have finished both master’s degrees. I want to work in consultancy after I finish University and I hope to find a job where I can use my knowledge on European politics.

My interest in joining University MUN already started in high school where I participated in numerous MUN conferences. During the last few years at university, I have wanted several times to join MUN conferences, but was never able to due to classes or other activities I was doing at the same time. I’m very excited to participate in MUN during my last year at University. I hope to be part of an amazing conference in June 2019 at Utrecht University!


Ildikó Kincses – USG


My name is Ildikó Kincses, and I am 21-year-old. I am currently doing the International Public Law LLM with the Humanitarian track at Utrecht University. I previously studied International Relations and Languages in Hungary and Germany, where I lived most of my life. Coming to the Netherlands had been a fantastic decision, which sparked off a long journey of change for me.

As a member of the Hungarian Youth delegate’s team to the United Nations and as an intern at the United Nations Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, it became clear for me that the field of international law is what I am the most interested in. My internship experiences contributed to me gaining valuable knowledge as my tasks included the coordination of the mandate of the Permanent Missions of Hungary to the UN in the fields of human trafficking, crime prevention, international legal questions, or for example the question of migration. Furthermore, I had the chance to create legal analyses and to get an insight into the working mechanisms of international organisations and my own country’s government.

I have always loved MUNs, as they offer a whole new world of experiences and knowledge. I have been both participant and organizer of such events in different countries.

As a member of the URUMUN Secretariat 2018-2019, the success of URUMUN is of utmost importance to me. This is an event that is the mixture of strict professionalism, the greatest possible fun, and multiculturalism. These are the values that emboss and have always embossed the world of MUNs and are vital to be preserved.


Taner Kuru – USG

Hi everyone!

My name is Taner Kuru and I am an exchange masters’ student at Utrecht University and I am doing my masters in Private Law in Ankara University. Before starting my master, I graduated from the Ankara University Faculty of Law and did my minor in International Relations.

During my bachelor years, I participated in numerous MUN and MUN-related conferences both as a participant and a team member. I must admit that these experiences had great impact on my studies and even my professional life! Apart from that the multinational and multicultural environment of MUN conferences helped me to broaden my perspective and provided me to the chance to meet many people around the world with some of whom we managed to build great friendships!

As a person who knows the opportunities and privileges MUN conferences provide for their participants, I am part of the URUMUN Secretariat 2018-2019. We are working for you to have your best time and memories from our conference and our city Utrecht as well.

Looking forward to meet you all at the 7th of June 2019!