Taste Utrecht

Whether it comes to a good cup of coffee, an affordable dinner, a good hangover breakfast or a fun night out, Utrecht has many places to discover. We have selected a few of our personal favourites to show you the best of what Utrecht has to offer!

Dinner for an affordable price

Meneer Smakers
Don’t want to spend a lot of money but desperately in need of good-quality food? Meneer Smakers is the solution. Homemade fries and the best burgers in town!
(Oudegracht 116 or Twijnstraat 62 or Nobelstraat 143, Utrecht)

This always-busy pasta bar is a perfect option when craving Italian food. You sit around the wooden tables with many others, enjoying your homemade pasta. You can’t reserve a table here, so make sure to be on time.
(Wittevrouwensingel 44, Utrecht)

This hotdog bar serves more than ten different hotdogs, from Asian to Italian ones. Their bread and fries are homemade and they also have plenty of veggie and vegan options.
(Voorstraat 17, Utrecht)

An An
When having dinner at this Vietnamese streetfood restaurant, you feel like you’re strolling through the streets of Southeast Asia for a moment. An An offers small, affordable meals, perfect to share.
(Voorstraat 23, Utrecht)


The Village Coffee & Music
For the best coffee in town you should go to this small hipster cafe, only a five minute walk from the conference location. They play good music while you’re sipping your cappuccino.
(Voorstraat 46, Utrecht)

30 ml Coffee Roasters
The perfect roasted coffee beans by these experts give you an ultimate coffee experience. And the feeling that you are sitting in your own living room makes this cafe really comfortable.
(Vredenburg 23, Utrecht)

Beers and wines

Belgian Beer Cafe Olivier
You cannot leave Utrecht before having tried Olivier’s craft beers. The venue, a former church, gives you a nostalgic experience in an authentic Belgian atmosphere.
(Achter Clarenburg 6a, Utrecht)

Kafé België
When Olivier is too crowded (which it often is), Kafé België is an excellent alternative. It is famous for its wide selection of international beers (more than 200!) and its no-nonsense vibe.
(Oudegracht 196, Utrecht)

You prefer wine? No problem. Talud 9 is definitely the place to be. With a lot of enthusiasm, the wine experts in this fancy wine bar will tell you everything about their different wines and their origin.
(Donkere Gaard 9, Utrecht)

Breakfast and brunch

De Ontdekking
This building used to be a travel agency. Now it is one of the cosiest cafes of Utrecht. With the small hidden corners you can chill here for hours. They serve nice breakfast, lunch and cake.
(Voorstraat 110, Utrecht)

Hungover? Go to Teds! Croissants served with egg benedict or avocado toast in combination with the velvet chairs and marble tables will make you feel alive again.
(Lichte Gaard 8, Utrecht)