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The locations in the city centre are within walking distance, but there are other ways of transportation. If you want to travel by bus or train, you have to buy an OV Chipcard. You can choose between an anonymous card (valid for one trainride, depends on the distance), a single-way bus ticket (2,70 euros), or a disposable card. It is 7,50 for the card, but it is cheaper to travel this way. The disposable card can be used in the bus and train. You can check out the bus schedules at 9292ov or U-OV.

You can also choose to ride a bicycle in Utrecht. Renting a bike is approximately 8 euros per day.

Due to the large population of students in Utrecht, there are many places where students can enjoy an affordable meal. Here are some of the restaurants that are within walking distance from the conference locations.

  • Walden
    Domplein 16, 3512 JD Utrecht
  • Meneer Smakers
    Nobelstraat 143, 3512 EM Utrecht
    Twijnstraat 62, 3511 ZM Utrecht
  • Popocatopetl
    Nobelstraat 163, 3512 EM Utrecht
  • Vintage
    Drieharingstraat 18, 3511 BJ Utrecht
  • De Spaghetteria
    Wittevrouwensingel 44, 3572 CA Utrecht

Also, there are two supermarkts nearby the conference locations:

  • Albert Heijn
    Voorstraat 38, 3512 AP Utrecht
  • Plus
    Voorstraat 61, 3512 AK Utrecht