Meet the Home of the famous Dom Tower

From hypermodern technology to classic musea, Utrecht has it all

Climb the stairs of the dom tower, experience the beauty that is Tivoli Vredenburg or eat at one of the great many restaurants or bars, Utrecht has it all.
We from URUMUN have highlighted a few activities that we would reccomend to expereince Utrecht it’s fullest

Pull up a chair and have a taste, life is endlessly delicious

Utrecht is not only the city of Miffy and the Dom. There is also great food! Here you find some infamous place in Utrecht to go.


Mariaplaats 11/12, 3511 LJ Utrecht 

This bar and restaurant in one is inspired by the lively French Quarter of New Orleans. Just like The street food club it is known for its unique decor, and they even have an inside balcony. Nola serves a fusion of french, American and Criolic kitchen. The limited menu only proves the specialization in the dishes that they serve. 


Schoutenstraat 17, Utrecht

You can also find some great vegetarian pizza and pasta (approved by vegetarians and italians!), as well as a nice breakfast choice in this vegetarian italian restaurant. You can sit  inside or on their terrasse in the street. It’s in the city center, close to Neude, and very close for example to the Hostel Stayokay. (We recommend the pizza with Burrata :))

The Streetfood-Club

Janskerkhof 9, 3512 BK Utrecht

This restaurant is infamous for their quirky interior design. They have a share-dining concept, which means you order a couple of small dishes and you share it with your dining companions. For those who are not a fan of breakfast or dinner they have an all day brunch which contains something for everyone.

Not all those who wander are lost


Of course, no visit to Utrecht is complete without having seen the famous Dom toren, and the accompanying gorgeous Dom square (Domplein). But there is much more wonder to discover.
Wandering around a city like this, one is bound to come across many a thing of interest, beauty or allure. We have outlined two specific places of cultural interest.

Castle de Haar

The biggest, most luxurious castle of The Netherlands, the De Haar Castle. A visit here will have one enjoy the breathtaking splendour that was the lives of the 20th century rich and famous. A trip will take you back to the glory days of the castle. With year round tours, exhibitions and theatre events.

Tivoli Vredenburg

If the theatre events left you wanting for more, we also highly praise the Tivoli Vredenburg, the modern entertainment complex of The Netherlands. This musical city within a city boasts the incredible achievement of having 5 rooms, specifically designed for perfect acoustics for jazz, pop, symphonic, chamber and more different kinds of music.
This 45 meter high building often has all 5 of its musical halls booked for any which evening, and experiencing the live music within any of the halls is a once in a lifetime experience that makes your airpods sound cheap. With the great restaurant and bar “het gegeven paard” a short walk away, a visit to Tivoli Vredenburg truly is one to remember..

How to get here?

The dutch internal public transport system is pretty good, and there are many different ways to get to Utrecht, which one you specifically should take depends on how you are planning on getting to the Netherlands in the first place.

By train

The Dutch railway company is ( for international train connections), but if you come from France, Belgium and some parts of Germany, you might have to take your tickets at

By bus

For places that are not that far away from Utrecht a cheaper option is to get a bus. There are a bunch of options such as, but not limited to Flixbus.

By plane

If you are coming from somewhere further away or you are thinking of a faster option to get to Utrecht, you can also take a plane. Unfortunately, Utrecht doesn’t have an airport, but here are some options: 

  • You can fly to Amsterdam Schiphol and then take a train to Utrecht Centraal. This might be the easiest option, as there are a lot of trains from Schiphol to Utrecht every hour. 
  • Another option is to fly to Rotterdam/Den Haag Airport, which is also pretty close to Utrecht. From there, you will have to take a train to Rotterdam Centraal and then another train to Utrecht. 
  • Probably, the cheapest option will be to fly to Eindhoven Airport, as a lot of low cost airlines operate in this airport.  After this, you will have to take a bus to Eindhoven Station, and then a train to Utrecht.